Tuesday, March 18, 2014

2015 Senior Rep Program is now open!!


Heartstrings Photography Class of 2015 Senior Rep Program

Want to get your Senior Photo Session for free?

Want to earn some easy money?

Want some amazing images for your Facebook profile?

Want free prints?

Then this Senior Rep Program just may be the thing for you!

Heartstrings Photography is starting its search for High School Senior Representatives for the Class of 2015!  If you will be graduating high school in 2015 or know of someone who is and want to be a senior rep, here’s what you need to know.

In order to be a Senior Rep, you must:
  • Have great style, lots of personality and enjoy being in front of the camera.
  • Be a high school student who will be graduating in 2015.
  • Attend high school in Madison Alabama and surrounding areas.
  • Be available to have your session completed by November 1, 2014.
  • Agree to tell your friends and classmates about HeartstringsPhotography and share your senior portraits with them.
  • Have your parents or legal guardians sign a model release form.
  • Agree to represent ONLY Heartstrings Photography and use these images as your senior pictures.

As part of the Senior Rep Program you will receive the following:
  • One (1) Free photo session with 2 clothing changes.
  • The opportunity to receive $10 CASH for every person you refer to Heartstrings Photography for senior portraits.
  • Print package at a $54 value + discount off additional prints.
  • 50 personalized referral cards to give to friends and classmates with your name, your portrait, and my business information.
  • Your favorite photos to share on social networking sites.
  • Discounts on your print orders.

Referral Discounts

You will receive $10 CASH for each and every referral after the referral’s paid and completed session!

When your referrals complete a paid session and bring your Rep Card you will receive the above mentioned rewards according to the amount of referrals you refer to me.  

These referrals can include anyone who books the following sessions:  Senior, Newborn, Children, Engagements, Family, etc.

You only receive credit for referrals during the duration of the referral program, which runs from August 1, 2014 through April 30, 2015.

If accepted, you will be representing Heartstrings Photography and telling your friends about our Senior Sessions throughout your senior year.  Be sure to let your Junior friends know too so they will have a chance to apply for the 2015 program!

The classmate(s) must present a referral card in order to be eligible.  All referred classmates will receive 10% off of their session.  

Your participation in the program will not only introduce you to a fun & fabulous personalized photo session, but will also be a way for you to earn money and also earn discounts towards the printing of your senior images.

Terms and Conditions:  

The photo session must be completed by November 1, 2014.  

Parents or legal guardians of the Senior Rep must sign a model release, allowing us to use your images for advertising purposes.  

A valid Senior Portrait Rep Referral Card must be presented by the referred student in order to receive credit for the referral.

Interested students should submit all information below by email.  

Reps will be chosen by Heartstrings Photography. Reps will be contacted if chosen and also announced on the Heartstrings Photography Blog and on the Heartstrings Photography Facebook page.  No more than 2 reps will be chosen from each school.


Your name; what High School you attend; the year you are graduating; phone number; address; birth date; name of parents or guardian; a little bit about yourself - hobbies; interests any school teams/clubs/organizations you belong to; three words that describe yourself; how you found out about Heartstrings Photography and attached an image of yourself in your email. 

By submitting your applications to Heartstrings Photography you are saying you understand and agreeing to the terms & conditions of the Rep Program. If you are chosen to be a rep, you are agreeing to promote only Heartstrings Photography.

Email: HeartstringsPhotosbyHeather@gmail.com

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Water Birth | Madison Alabama Photographer

If you follow me, you may recognize this family. I assure you I am not double posting their birth. It is in fact their second birth, a year later, same place, same attendees and same amaziness! 

I used to be bothered by the grain of images when I had to take them in low light conditions but I have to tell you it doesn't anymore.  I love it. It make it even more real. 

*warning - there is an image of a placenta at the bottom. If you have a week stomach or just don't like looking at that kind of stuff please do keep clear of the very last image. Thank you.

The mothers. I loved getting to know these wonderful ladies over tea, chats and a birth x2. 

Everyone pitching in. 

Love this photo! Both Midwives, Mother and Mother in law.

Just beautiful!

Just breath.......

Oh my gosh. I can feel the excitement oozing from this image. 


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