Monday, October 27, 2014

Huntsville Alabama | Cullman Birth Photography | Parker Birth Story

It is always such an honor to be asked to photograph a birth story, or anything at all for a family for that matter. Someone will come to you because they like your work - that is huge! BUT it's an extremely AMAZING, ginormous compliment when a photographer invites you to capture their memories. It's the top honor really! Please go see Kat's work by clicking here, she is the owner and photographer at Kat Parker Photography.

When I met Kat for our consultation I instantly loved her. She was such a happy, down to earth person. Someone you could sit with, drink coffee and spill your secrets to. Then on the big day, I met her husband Jeff, he was so welcoming and funny! Kept me chuckling the whole time. Such a wonderful couple! Getting to know them during our 6 hours together was such a blessing. 

I knew Kat was nervous, she had sent me a text the day before to tell me that they were going to have to give her a C-section 2 weeks earlier than her due date. She was so looking forwards to a natural birth and really didn't have much time to prepare but she did so well. Nervousness and all. The best part - her Doctor let me in the OR! 

I invite you to see the Parker's Birth Story.........     

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